Some people have uneven dentition but do not want to go around with the so-called "Big Steel Teeth"

braces because they don't like the ugly appearance.Some people may be hurt by the side of the braces.

Some people even have incessant decayed teeth becuase of the braces.

Amy is not one of them. She exactly wants the most popular invisible braces.




Even just a quick shopping at the convinience store dowstairs, Amy always dresses up and applies cosmetics.

She actually has no need for an orthodontic treatment. However,

due to her personality of wishing to look when she found her teeth gradually displaced, beautiful,

she immediately asked me to recommend an orthodontist and insisted on wearing invisible braces

(I have no choice because I am her bestie). 


It goes without saying that I recommended my mom's dentist, Hsing-Hua Dental Clinic



This clicnic has a very graniose front gate and Amy was attratced the moment she laid her

eyes on this elegant and gorgeous environment.

I havealready told her that this is a highly professional orthodontic clinic for invisible braces.




Because we did not make an appointment in advance, after completing some forms of personal informations,

we waited for a while. During the waiting, we found that there were really many customers here,

even foreigners who seemed asking some questions about invisible braces.




We finally got greeted by our savior, the consultant MissShih. Shefirst took the dental X-ray film before the orthodontic treatment

and then kindly gave us the health education about cleaning teeth. Once again,

her cordial attitude made us feel at home and relieved our emotion of anxiety and boredom due to the waiting.






The next counselling time for the orthodontic treatment is really the key moment.

Because we care about the appearance of wearing invisible braces, we did our homework before coming here.

We asked about the prices of invisible braces and traditional braces right at the beginning.

What's the difference between invisible braces and traditional braces?

The orthodontic treatment is a really important matter,

so I listed some convincing reasons for you to take them into consideration.



Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment by Invisible Braces

1. 隱形牙套顧名思義就是哈利波特的隱形斗篷,巧妙的讓你看不到,


1. As the name implies, the invisible braces are Harry Potter's invisibility cloak which makes your braces

unseen and no one will laugh at your braces. This ingenious device gives you beauty, comfort and relief from gums being hurt.

2. 戴上隱形牙套後就算每天拆下來刷牙也不是問題,做傳統牙齒矯正在這裡真的很吃虧,



2. Invisible braces can be taken off and then you can brush your teeth every day.

Traditional braces have the disadvantage of incomplete teeth cleanning due to the gaps in coverage,

which may result in incessant decayed teeth. If you have no good habit of teeth cleanning,

invisible braces are definitely a right choice for you.

3. 若是遇上要拍畢業照.婚紗照或是各式聚會活動,隱形牙套更可說是牙齒矯正的必備良藥,


3. On the occation of graduation photo, wedding photo or various parties,

invisible braces are the necessary orthodontic device which makes you confident to show up.

Even on the occasion of going abroad, the orthodontic treatment will not be affected.

4. 每兩周復診就會給你調整過後的隱形牙套,新的隱形牙套讓我們不用擔心清潔不易的衛生問題,


4. Accordingly adjusted invisible braces will be wornon the follow-up examination every two weeks.

New invisble braces can ensure the sanitary condition.

The length of orthodontic treatment by invisible braces is almost the same with that by traditional braces.

5. 傳統牙齒矯正器價格座落在10-15萬區間,牽涉到牙齒的凌亂程度以及診所的環境設備等級

5. Traditional braces cost between 100,000 NTD and 150,000 NTD depend on the teeth conditin and the equipment of the clinic.




However, the price offered by the Hsing-Hua Dental Clinic really surprised us.

The cost of orthodontic treatment by invisible braces is just 150,000 NTD, a price we cannot find in Taichung area.

Installment plans are even provided. Therefore, Amy made her decision right away to wear beautiful invisible braces.


Useful Tips for Wearing Invisible Braces


Precautions for Orthodontic Treatment by Invisible Braces

1. 負責主治的陳文杰醫師特地告訴我們配戴隱形牙套時千萬不能偷懶每天一定要戴到22小時才有牙齒矯正的效果

1. The attending doctor, Wen-Jie Chen, told us that the wearing time of invisible braces

should be at least 22 hours every day to give effect to the orthodontic treatment.

2. 隱形牙套跟傳統矯正一樣一定要定期回診更換調整過的隱形牙套,不然會影響牙齒矯正的狀況

2. Invisible braces need follow-up examinations on a regular basis to be replaced by the accordingly adjusted new invisible braces,

just like traditional braces. Otherwise the orthodontic treatment might be affected.


During the treatment, when I took Amy's photos, Dr. Chen was very considerate

to help me find the best angle for taking the photos on the invisible braces.



Acoording to Amy's words, wearing invisible braces is easy and comfortable.

She still has the same smile as before, which is exactly what she wants.

She said invisible braces are betterthan her boyfriend. There is not any probelm in eating right after the treatment.




Before we return home, the consultant gave Amy a desk calendar of 2017

and lablled the dates of follow-up examinations on the calendar to prevent Amy from forgetting the follow-up examinations.

She also prepared the user manuals of braces, a toothbrush and the protective box of the invisible

braces for Amy to take good care of her teeth. What a thoughtful action it is.




Insivible braces are really a combination of effect and beauty, and a state-of-the-art design of fashion.

Amy insists that I should, in any case, recommend thisnecessary device of the orthodontic treatment for her.




Although Dr. Wen-Jie Chen is a man of few words, he is so professional and attentive

durg the treatment that I cannot help but highly praise him.Here is a photo of Amy and Dr. Chen.

Amy insists that I include this photo because she actually wants to prove her slimness. L.O.L.



For those friends who have a budget and need an orthodontic treatment later this year,

you may take a look at the dental clinic of Amy's choice in Taichung.



新華牙醫診所Hsing-Hua Dental Clinic

地址: 406台中市北屯區梅川東路五段296號

Address: 296, Sec. 5, Meichuan E. Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

電話: 04 2247 3558

Tel: 04-2247-3558


Business Hours: 09:00–21:30




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